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Evoke will work with you to help discover your purpose.

This isn’t about me telling you what think you should do. This is about me working with you to tease out those areas that you maybe haven’t thought about for a while and to get back to what it is you’re passionate about. What motivates you? What will make a meaningful change in your life? What can be done now to start seeing that change unfold?

I am pretty straight talking. Practical yet empathetic, passionate yet objective. I understand that change can sometimes be hard so I will be dedicated to helping you realise your potential and figure out your purpose. My job is to honour you as the expert of your life – there’s nobody else better than you to make the decisions for your future. All I will do is draw them out and assist in the discovery process.

A little bit about Me:

Clodagh Erasmus - Career, Team & Life Coaching Services

EvokeCoaching is led by me, Clodagh Erasmus – a Life, Executive and Career Coach and who is hugely passionate about seeing people reach their full potential. I spent over fifteen years working in sales and marketing in the hospitality and pharmaceutical industry and have worked with a diverse range of people, at all levels. I found myself advising and helping people in their careers and life goals even before I pursued Coaching as a career myself– seeing people go after what they really wanted out of life was invigorating and inspiring so I decided to get all the qualifications required to pursue this as a career and do something that I love full time. My credentials are as follows:

  • Accredited Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching – Positive Success Group
  • QQI Level 6, Distinction in Professional Coaching Practice & Ethics
  • Certificate in Career Coaching
  • BSc Hospitality Management
Clodagh Erasmus

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