Case Study - Career Coaching

Career Coaching

A young professional came to me as she was facing a situation where her career was transitioning. She was faced with the option of leaving the industry and job she had been working in for the past 10 years and start completely afresh.

The Solution

Together, we explored all opportunities and motivations for leaving or staying. She chose to make the huge career change, together we looked at what was holding her back, explored all possibilities and options.

The Result

In the end, her path became very interesting. She got the best of both worlds as she went travelling around Europe (visiting over 13 countries in six weeks) travelling solo, and returned to start her new career in a brand new industry where she is completely motivated and loving her new life.

Nothing speaks louder than hearing the positive feedback from my clients
so I thought I would let you find out a little bit about what people say about me.

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