Case Study - Life Coaching

Life Coaching

A busy mum of three, working full time with a long commute daily to and from work, wanted to find more quality time with her family while maintaining her career and other responsibilities that come with everyday life. She wanted to find a way to make her time with her family more enjoyable. She wanted to be fully present when she was home so she could enjoy them as much as possible without having to think about what was next on her to do list or what was happening tomorrow.  She didn’t have time to sit and relax and enjoy the time with her children, she wanted to do well in work and at home.

The Solution

Together, we worked on strategies that allowed her analyse her time spent on daily tasks (some necessary, some unnecessary) and put goals and structures in place that allowed her to have the quality family time she wished for. As a result of this, she reached out for help where possible, learned to say no without feeling guilty and gave her own wellbeing some consideration which she hadn’t done previously.

The Result

The end result was a confident mum, totally present for her children while enjoying her career as a result of simplifying tasks in everyday life in order to achieve this. She was able to say no to unnecessary things, find easier ways of doing mundane tasks and, subsequently, got to enjoy the family time that she cherishes.

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